Richard Basen III

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The unknown is frightening to most people… I embrace the unknown. I challenge myself to be a pioneer at the forefront of the information age we are a part of today. During my collegiate journey, I have acquired a resilient entrepreneurial mindset and developed a high level of intrinsic motivation that propels myself beyond expectation. Feel free to browse my website and contact me to see how I can help your business disrupt the tech revolution.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Florida State University


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Central Florida

JUNE 2013 - DECEMBER 2013


Technology Co-Op
AT&T Business Sales Leadership Development Program

Outside of my summer internships with AT&T, the company invited me to work a continuous virtual Co-Op role to continue to learn and develop my skills in school and work congruently. This unique opportunity allows me to directly experience the functionality of virtual collaboration and how to maintain a structured schedule throughout each week. Currently I have worked on developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for software applications that can be utilized by the Business Sales division of the company and beyond. In addition, this position requires me to employ my public speaking ability and recruitment strategies to train and lead AT&T College Ambassadors around the country while also scouting eligible candidates to work for the company’s college development programs.


Emerging Technologies Intern
AT&T Technology Development Program

The Technology Development Program allowed me to gain hands on experience with new technology and methodologies that AT&T is currently applying in their workplace. Every day brought new challenges on innovative projects while I worked on a cross-functional team of people with various IT skills. Working in the Strategic Platforms and Roadmaps (SPR) division of the Technology Development organization enabled me to hone in on my project management skillset and exposed me to various project management software. Utilizing the latest front-end web design technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, I lead my team to second place in the AT&T All-Intern Coding Challenge. As an Emerging Technologies Intern, I was able to add and enhance my tool belt with cutting edge skills to take forward with me along my future career in the IT world.

JUNE 2016 - AUGUST 2016

Technology Intern
AT&T Business Sales Leadership Development Program

My arrival at AT&T brought new and challenging experiences to the table. My time management and organizational skills were put to the test with a wide variety of projects at hand. My primary focus was on web-based collaboration; Employees in the Business Sales Leadership Development Program (BSLDP) needed a means to communicate. With co-workers scattered throughout the nation, communication must be web-based. Utilizing internal unified communications and collaboration tools (IBM Connections), I assisted with the design for delivering a social media strategy. In a dynamic industry where the workplace is rapidly evolving, there were several obstacles with the working environment. Collaboration is now a necessity. In the BSLDP, I was the catalyst for the transformation of the organization's workplace by networking with connections in Atlanta and reaching ultimately achieved my goal in the facilitation of a modern working environment.

JUNE 2014 - AUGUST 2014

Technology and Marketing Intern
Opportunity Hub

Opportunity Hub provided a fresh, modern culture for my intern experience. I planned and executed marketing campaigns, developed content and material for presentations, and helped personalize the culture that the co-working space had to offer. During my time at the OHub, I assisted in the augmentation of Georgia's largest crowdfunding campaign entitled "1000 Founders." This campaign will help provide funding for a multitude of Georgia start-ups and create future jobs and locations for the OHub. Furthermore, I put my social media marketing skills to the test by creating marketing campaigns and posts for the OHub's ongoing events. Web development and design techniques became particularly useful in the creation of the campaigns as well.

MAY 2014 - JUNE 2014


eWorks provided a unique marketing experience for me during my high school career. As an employee, it was my duty to provide marketing feedback on unreleased movie trailers to large movie corporations such as Pixar, Paramount, and DreamWorks. My time as a Supervisor taught me valuable lessons including customer experience, technical troubleshooting, organizational and time management, and employee engagement. Working at one of three locations in Central Florida, I was required to communicate with regional and national mangers to validate project objectives and prepare weekly schedules to accommodate employee availability. I led a team that continuously appeared as one of the top ten teams for survey completion totals in the nation on a weekly basis.

MAY 2013 - DECEMBER 2013


AT&T Coding Challenge
The AT&T Technology Development Program -Emerging Technologies Coding Challenge was a ten week hackathon where teams redeveloped a website for Heroes On The Water - a non profit organization who seeks to reduce the impact thats PTSD has on veterans by allowing the warriors to unwind through kayak fishing. Utilized the newest front-end web design technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap enabling the team to earn second place out of eighteen teams across the nation.

JUNE 2016 - AUGUST 2016

AT&T HR/Labor Relations "Service Leader Award Winner"
Awarded by the SEVP of Human Resources for going above and beyond the call of duty as an intern within the HR sector

JULY 2015

AT&T Intern Challenge "Creative Collaborator Award Winner"
Placed 1st among 615 interns nationwide and recognized by the CEO of AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services

JUNE 2014 - AUGUST 2014



UX Design

Project Management

Microsoft Office


Adobe Creative Cloud


Database Design

For my Advanced Database Design class, I created an entity relationship diagram (ERD) for a university to find the relationships between various segments of the college.

Web Applications

The objective for this assignment in my Advanced Web Applications course was to modify student files within a database and compile .java files.

Web/Database Development and Design

This project focused on redesigning a database interface system used by a technology firm in Tallahassee, Florida.

IT Project Management

For my IT Project Management class, I was tasked with creating a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) for my group.